Monitoring & Supervision


Last few years we have gained experience to strengthen our Monitoring System to achieve our goal.

Trans Guard has three point of supervision, inspection and recording system which is depending on the force of the post nature of the duty preferred by the client. All this is carefully planned by the operation team to meet the above requirements.

We have Shift Inspectors who have to visit posts at least once during his term of duty. During his visit at the post, he has to check the guards and sign the duty card held at the posts. All field Inspectors discus with Operation Manager once in a day.


Surprise Checking: Our surprise checks are carried out occasionally by the operation team without any former notice. The manager (Operations) or even the managing director visits the sensitive and important posts to keep him with the on-going situation taking place on the ground. We also carry out surprise checks as response to any client complaints.


Night checking: Night checking is carried out by different teams every night. In addition to enthusiastic night supervisor of the zone, two teams of officers, one in vehicle and another one on motorcycle carries out supervision at night.


Weekend/Holidays Visit:
In Dhaka operation team from the Head office by rotation checks at day and night time by transport in every weekend and holidays. A duty roaster is being prepared for the duty of weekend and holidays..